Thursday, May 26, 2011

what i will never know .

When i lay my eyes on you ,
my heart just seems to burn .

im warmed with your beauty ,
& for your love i urn .

you dont love me ,
why dont you love me .

your so beautiful ,
and not to mention pretty .

my dear rosaline ,
im very very hurt .

you dont love me like i love you ,
i cant help but feeling hurt .

i cannot forget you ,
no matter how hard i try .

why dont you love me ?
it brought a tear to my eye .

my friends & my parents ,
all seem to agree .

that loving you ,
is so un-healthy .

but to me it dosent matter ,
ill always love you .

because the love that lasts forever ,
is the love thats truly true .

ill go to this party ,
just to see you again .

ill prove them all wrong ,
now let the party begin .
what is that over there ,
an angel i presume .

my heart is beating a melody ,
 a very sweet tune .

its seems as though i fell in love again ,
much quicker this time .

unlike the ugly rosaline ,
ill make this one mine .

staring you in your face ,
makes me honestly melt .

when you stared in mine ,
the samething you felt .

a capulet , a capulet .
how can this be ?!

ive vowed that im in love .
but what will she feel the same as me ?

i go to your balcony .
wanting you to declare love for me .

you love me , like i love you .
yes thank you , let us be .

i would be marry you , yes i would .
i would die for you , if i could .

your as bright as the sun,
you shine like the moon .

i fell in love again ,
let us get married soon .
we are here to marry ,
our life together begun .

im glad this happened ,
i knew you were the one .

well wait to tell our parents .
maybe this could be fun .

poor tybalt didnt know ,
that we were family .

so he has slain the guy ,
who was most dearest to me .

he has died , & now hes gone .
and i cannot bring him back .

two people already dead ,
this love thing is WACK .

and i try to run away .
but bad catches me .

im am banished now ,
this happened unfortunately .

id rather die than be without my love .
what will become of her ?

her family is fretting over tybalt .
i just knew they were .

im so upset with no word from juliet .
this is really upsetting .

im going crazy in here ,
im sick & still fretting .

frias and the nurse .
have helped me calm down .

no i can walk around ,
with a smile and not a frown .

we spent the night together ,
juliet & i .

before i knew it , it was morning .
darn , how time will fly .

ive been waiting for sometimes .
where in the world are they .

this unhappy setting ,
its not making me gay .

my messenger , my friend .
i hope he brings good news .

no , i ws terribly wrong ,
he leaves me with the blues .

my dear juliet is dead ,
gone away from me .

i wish not to live anymore ,
ill just die next to thee .

im on my way to your grave ,
to see you one last time .

how do yall like it so far ?
its starting to rhyme .

ive killed dear paris ,
who was in as much love as i .

ill bury him next to juliet ,
what a good way to die .

my dear love dosent look so dead .
her face still bright as day .

if i was asked if she were dead .
i wouldve told him nay .

ill take my life to be with you ,
not in heaven but in hell .

because little do i know ,
youll commit suicide as well .

but is this what it takes ?
to end a no-ending deul ?

this just goes to show ,
how the world can be so cruel .

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